Monday, January 3, 2011

Ribbon Fabric ☆ Divisoria Loot

Some of my friends, Meoki and Izhia, were able to get awesome stuff
from Divisoria so I decided to go shopping there, too. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to the place where they got the nail decals and deco den stuff 'cause I needed to look for a lavender polka-dot fabric which took forever until I just ended up buying something else and going to my favorite craft shop instead. Here are the stuff I got:

I really wanted to buy yards of lavender polka-dot fabric. I had it
planned already.. oh the pastel-y goodness. I had to give it up 'cause the market
was closing (as early as 6:30pm! >.<) But I was able to buy this cute ribbon fabric and
2 yards of lavender fabric to go with it.

There's just one thing I don't like about the ribbon fabric. The tiny green dots. They look
like they've been poked on the fabric using a marker pen. I'm gonna make a dress or a skirt out of them so I hope I can make the outcome look good. 
 I'll definitely post what I'll be able to finish. 

I also bought these really cute lace trimmings from my favorite craft shop:

So, so pretty! Soft tulle embroidered laces are my favorite, I absolutely adore
ribbons, so the fabric and these laces are love love love!

The other stuff are:

Small pastel ribbons! ♥

I love the heart one. Reminds me of Sailor Moon. XD  I'm actually gonna use these
for something else. 

lol hello camera shadow.

I'm so happy I was able to go shopping for laces and fabrics again after a long
while. (Long while = 2 years lol) I need to catch up! I'll be a Mera Mera Girl! 
(been reading Gokinjo Monogatari again lol) Fight fight fight! 彡☆

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