Sunday, March 20, 2011

I just conquered my fear of wearing Fuchsia.

Hi! Today I'm showing you guys a new coordinate.
And I'm sorry for not being able to post for a loooooooong while. T_T

Anyhow, I bought this Shirley Temple fuchsia jacket years ago:

I was never able to wear it 'cause I was scared to. It might not look nice on my
complexion. I know, why did I buy it if I weren't even gonna wear it. 
Well this jacket is a really lucky find. I bought this for just about $5 from a thrift shop.
And as I promised myself, I have to eventually be able wear it.

It actually looks nice with my Bodyline Carousel JSK. ♥

Look at that round face, lol. I'm loving this coordinate, I think
I want to go to a next Lolita gathering/meet wearing these. ♥

And of course, this is me trying to take a decent photo of
me and my baby. (Her name is Khakie.)

It's really difficult to take photos with/of her, she's a ball of energy. D:

So, yeah, I was finally able to conquer my fear of wearing the color fuchsia.
Sweet Lolita makes me experiment on colors and this is one of the reasons why I love the lolita fashion so much. ♥

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gothic and Lolita Wigs Contest + Sugary Carnival Replica ♥

I know I posted this before, but decided to delete it because it was
BLAH, a boring post. No photos or whatsoever. (I was in the office when I posted it.);;

So I joined a contest by Gothic Lolita Wigs
Whoever wins the Grand Prize would get 3 wigs of her choice~! * A * ♥

I used this photo:

these are my favorite photos of me. Obviously. XD

If you haven't voted yet, please, pretty please, vote for me by liking
my picture. (<--click click!)

Thank you so much~!


Dream of Lolita has released their Sugary Carnival replica.

I would definitely buy this replica and hope that the quality would
be satisfactory enough for me to wear it anytime I want. ♥

I'm planning on buying it in Lavender or Sax.

I'm still saving up for the Milky Planet JSK, but it's taking forever
so I'm going to go for this replica first.