Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Self-made Ribbon Jumper Skirt ♥

It's Crafty Camila Day hihihi. I started sewing yesterday morning 'til midnight. I really wanted to finish a lolita dress or jumper skirt so I can wear it for a January 8 gathering. 

I slept for atleast 4 hours and finished the jumper skirt today.

Here are the pictures~ 

Ribbon Dress! ♥
I made the skirt part really wide so it would look super fluffly when used with really thick petticoats. I used a half-body mannequin to hang the dress, making it look less wide on camera than it should be.

ribbons~ ribbons~ ribbons~~ 


This is the second time I'm able to make a jumper skirt.
The first one was back when my best friend and I still had an online shop
selling gothic and lolita items. I only followed whichever tutorial I can find useful
on youtube, egl (LJ), anywhere else. Thank you interwebs! XD
The ribbon/tie for the waist are lilac on the opposite side, also I added shirring 
so I don't have to sew a zipper on the dress. I don't like sewing on zippers. XD;
And as you can see, there's still so much space for a petticoat to make the
dress look super bell-shaped. I need a new petticoat~!


Oh, what exhausting yet fulfilling days, haha! I'm tired but I'm not cranky at all.
 I'm really really happy with how the dress turned out. ♥ ♥

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