Monday, April 25, 2011

Dancing Teddy Bears JSK Progress

I am finally back after a long while! ♥

I was actually just being lazy the past few weeks and a 
lot has happened. I don't really like blogging about my personal life
but let's just say that last week was the most horrible week 
I had to go through. From unprofessional bosses to getting mugged to
a family secret that I wasn't really ready to find out about (and it
obviously broke my mom's heart. I hate it when my mom cries..).

So yeah, Most of the times I'm off from work, I just
want to treat them as, well, my day off -- from everything. I just want
to take my rests. Our workplace is the most stressful
environment I have to endure in my every graveyard shift.

But yesterday was different. I had to do something to
ease off the anger, sadness and every tiny bit of negative
energy in my system. And I know that sewing my own
dress will definitely do the trick. If my back could talk, it
would so lovingly throw a bunch of cuss words at me.

I decided to try to finish sewing a skirt or a dress out of my teddy
bear fabric. You can see my previous post about it here.

I was planning to just make a skirt out of the fabric. I ended up
making a JSK instead. And, wow I slacked off for almost 3 months! 
Now that's a long resting period lol!

Here's the JSK so far:

Sorry for the sucky photos, I took this earlier this morning right
after sewing and my hands were trembling lol, I was like, okay that's good enough. XD

It's far from done. It's missing a lot of elements, 
the sewing is still quite messy underneath.
I actually used raschel lace for the top part of the bodice. 
I do not like using raschel lace but it turned out nicely. What do you think? :)

I couldn't finish it 'cause I started at night up to 4 in the morning. My
back is, I think, developing rayuma (haha, kidding of course!) so I had to sleep. 
I wasn't able to finish it. I can't wait to, though. I swear I'm gonna get back on it
next weekend! ♥

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Custom Blue Tea Party Shoes! ♥

I got my tea party shoes from the shoemaker! Though they might not
look exactly like AP's tea party shoes, I instantly fell in love with them! ♥

I took photos of the shoes in the office, hence, the bland carpet. lol;;

So here they are:

At first I was like, woah, the color could've been more lighter and the shape is a lot different
from the original. Not to mention, the bows on the front part of the shoes are smaller. 
But then, when I got to wear them. I suddenly felt... happy. ♥

I love the bows on the back part of the shoes. ♥

I love the sparkly heart buckles! So adorable. ♥

The best part is that they were able to put perfect scalloped edges. The woman
from the shop I claimed these from told me that they had to make sure the edges were
even and that's why it took so long for them to finish this. I'd argue with her but I was too
busy looking at how perfect the shoes look on my feet and thinking omg I love them, so cuuuute.

I wore them from the shop to the office. They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. 
Another plus points! I'd wear flat shoes over heels anytime because I usually choose comfort over
everything else, so these are, again, so perfect. ♥

I can't wait to wear them this saturday with my pink and blue coord. Whoever's
going to attend Ozine Fest, see you there! ♥

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I just conquered my fear of wearing Fuchsia.

Hi! Today I'm showing you guys a new coordinate.
And I'm sorry for not being able to post for a loooooooong while. T_T

Anyhow, I bought this Shirley Temple fuchsia jacket years ago:

I was never able to wear it 'cause I was scared to. It might not look nice on my
complexion. I know, why did I buy it if I weren't even gonna wear it. 
Well this jacket is a really lucky find. I bought this for just about $5 from a thrift shop.
And as I promised myself, I have to eventually be able wear it.

It actually looks nice with my Bodyline Carousel JSK. ♥

Look at that round face, lol. I'm loving this coordinate, I think
I want to go to a next Lolita gathering/meet wearing these. ♥

And of course, this is me trying to take a decent photo of
me and my baby. (Her name is Khakie.)

It's really difficult to take photos with/of her, she's a ball of energy. D:

So, yeah, I was finally able to conquer my fear of wearing the color fuchsia.
Sweet Lolita makes me experiment on colors and this is one of the reasons why I love the lolita fashion so much. ♥

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gothic and Lolita Wigs Contest + Sugary Carnival Replica ♥

I know I posted this before, but decided to delete it because it was
BLAH, a boring post. No photos or whatsoever. (I was in the office when I posted it.);;

So I joined a contest by Gothic Lolita Wigs
Whoever wins the Grand Prize would get 3 wigs of her choice~! * A * ♥

I used this photo:

these are my favorite photos of me. Obviously. XD

If you haven't voted yet, please, pretty please, vote for me by liking
my picture. (<--click click!)

Thank you so much~!


Dream of Lolita has released their Sugary Carnival replica.

I would definitely buy this replica and hope that the quality would
be satisfactory enough for me to wear it anytime I want. ♥

I'm planning on buying it in Lavender or Sax.

I'm still saving up for the Milky Planet JSK, but it's taking forever
so I'm going to go for this replica first. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyril Lumboy's Talk and Mini Tea Party ♥

February 22, 2011 -- I went to St. Scholastica's College Manila to model for my friend
Cyril Lumboy. She designs and sews her own Lolita dresses. She's also a
student at UP Diliman and she's taking up Anthropology. I am this proud. XD

So here are some photos of the event:

Cy describing her Classic Lolita design.

Luisa in Cy's Shiro-Ero Lolita design.

Cy showing the Sweet Lolita dress she made and.. hey, that's me! XD

The organizers were awesome and super fun art students (lol)
and they served brownies, cupcakes and tea! They were so nice and
accommodating. I couldn't be thankful enough 'cause they made sure to make the event 
extra special for Cy and for us models.

Sammy and her cupcake, yum!

I really picked the cute colored cupcake to match what I'm wearing. XD

om nom nom nom~

Isn't she the cutest? This is Mayu ♥

I love Cy's new dress! She's wearing a hoop skirt underneath, thus, making
it look better than wearing layers of petticoat. (from my perspective. 'cause my
petticoats are lame lol)

Luisa. So cute. ♥
Me and Luisa ♥

two thumbs up! ♥

brb. spazzing. lol  Jin Joson in Cy's simple Walolita Design. :)


Everybody wanted to have a photo with Jin. Who wouldn't? ♥

Emerald! The surprise Lolita.  ♥
Emerald is one of the art students, one of the models didn't make it so
Cy announced that anyone can wear the Kuro-Lolita dress, Emerald was
chosen by the majority. ♥

When the event was close to ending, the organizers gave us models these cute
dessert towels.

Here's a low res photo of us from my phone 'cause my camera ran out of power. >_>;

Nechi and Me. ♥
Miaow and Me, she's soooo sweet. I loved her instantly that day. ♥

Here's Cy with the organizers after she's been presented a bouquet of  flowers
and a certificate of appreciation. ♥

The event turned out spectacular, everybody was so nice! I made lots of new friends.
We can't wait to see each other again and have another gathering. I miss them all
so much already! I love meeting new people and having new friends so this day was really
epic for me. :)

Photobomb! ♥ Jelay, we love yooou ♥

Monday, February 21, 2011

Teddy Bear Skirt Progress

I will not be able to finish the skirt tonight, so I'll just be posting
photos of its progress.

I wanted to make a scalloped skirt. I found a tutorial here which
was really really useful.

look how messy:

They actually turned out nicely, I had to repeat the lines
to make sure the measurement doesn't go haywire.

Cut, cut~

So here's how it looks so far:

nom nom nom scalloped edges ♥

I basically lack a lot of things, hence, I can't finish it. I'm also out of
time. I need to sleep early or else my skin will get back at me and I can't
afford anymore break outs, I'm gonna be modelling for a friend this Tuesday. >_<

I can't wait to finish this, I find it so frustrating not being able to. I stay over at
my boyfriend's house every weekdays. I can't bring my sewing machine with me
'cause travelling with a huge bag, a heavy sewing machine with my tiny
body don't really add up nicely lol

So, yeah, 'til next week chocolate-blueberry-teddy-bear-skirt-thingy. >3<

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric Hunting~! ♥

Earlier, I went fabric hunting. I was only able to check two
stores 'cause the only place where there are whole lots of fabrics is 
too far and I only have so much time to make a skirt because tomorrow is office
day again. Do not waaant. ; . ;

Anyhooow, I only brought my cellphone with me so please forgive the low picture quality. |D

Here are two of the fabrics that, in my opinion, would look really nice
if made into lolita skirts or even lolita jumper skirts without using too much
ruffles because of their designs:

So Spring worthy. ♥

Here's a picture of what I bought:

I'm gonna make a skirt out of them. The bear fabric is
the base. Since I'm already waiting for blue tea party shoes
to come (yup, paid for it! 2-3 weeks before I can get 'em!) I have
to make the most of the shoes and make/buy as many blue stuff as I can. XD

I hope I can finish the skirt tonight! Now allow me to leave, run to my room, lock
the doors and sew sew sew~! ♥