Thursday, December 23, 2010

~ Lolita Twins ☆ MintyMix Wigs ~

Here are some of the photos of us I got from
friends and the web on Christmas ToyCon 2010. 

photo taken by: Ina

photo taken by: Ina
photo taken by Janine Michaelis
photo taken by Fritzified 

The girl I twinned with is Xandra. She's one of the people who
inspired me into becoming a Lolita. I totally spazzed when I first
saw her in a convention wearing her BtSSB ensemble. I wasn't able to
take a photo of her then, though. I'm so happy that she's now one
of my closest friends~ 

I've been searching the web for other wigs (the one I'm wearing is from
CosplayWig on ebay) and this one website definitely got my eye on their gorgeous wigs.

I WANT this one so much b-but It's out of stock. ; A ;

I love these wigs and the fact that Kammie's behind them pretty things is a +++++! lol 

I haven't been an active Lolita this year but I'll make sure 2011 will finally 
be the year I fill my wardrobe with everything a lolita needs! ♥

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