Thursday, December 23, 2010

~ Lolita Twins ☆ MintyMix Wigs ~

Here are some of the photos of us I got from
friends and the web on Christmas ToyCon 2010. 

photo taken by: Ina

photo taken by: Ina
photo taken by Janine Michaelis
photo taken by Fritzified 

The girl I twinned with is Xandra. She's one of the people who
inspired me into becoming a Lolita. I totally spazzed when I first
saw her in a convention wearing her BtSSB ensemble. I wasn't able to
take a photo of her then, though. I'm so happy that she's now one
of my closest friends~ 

I've been searching the web for other wigs (the one I'm wearing is from
CosplayWig on ebay) and this one website definitely got my eye on their gorgeous wigs.

I WANT this one so much b-but It's out of stock. ; A ;

I love these wigs and the fact that Kammie's behind them pretty things is a +++++! lol 

I haven't been an active Lolita this year but I'll make sure 2011 will finally 
be the year I fill my wardrobe with everything a lolita needs! ♥

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheap & Easy Nail Art Decals! 彡☆★

Pink Leopard Water Decals! 

My officemate is selling nail art water decals, so I bought a pack and decided to show
how I applied mine.

Stuff needed are: Water, Clear Nail Polish, (in my case I used a Nail Hardener & Base coat for the meantime to hold the decals in place.), and of course the
nail art water decals and the small nail file that goes with it.

First, I cut a small part. I made sure it's about 1cm longer than my nail. 
I have really tiny nails. (・ω・;)

Then I dipped the decal in water for a few seconds....

....until the decal slid off from the paper.

Then I pressed the decal on my nail until it dried up, it takes less than a minute for it to. Once it did, I used the nail file to remove the excess decals from my nail. I removed the excess using a downward motion from the tip of my nail while securing the decal in place with my ring finger (that's my pinky on the picture). 
I used a nail cutter for the parts where the nail file can't reach.

Finished product! 彡☆

They look so cute with my bow ring. ♥

The Nail Art Water Decals are only PHP60.00 - PHP80.00
Really easy to do and cheap! It doesn't beat all those fancy nail arts
with rhinestones and stuff but this is the easiest way to make your nails look
less ordinary. 

Disclaimer: I am not an expert (・w・;) 
This is my first time putting on nail art water decals. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fuwa-fuwa~! ☆彡

I got my first fuwa-fuwa whipped cream today!

Mousse-chan Fuwa-fuwa whip style clay

It was on sale and my budget last week was just enough for me to buy it so 
I went ahead and did so. lol! I'm so gonna complete the stuff needed to make 
cute accessories next week when I get my salary~ ♥


I love coming home to my parent's house. They make me feel like a kid.. 
and I don't mind at all.

my room. <3

They even got me strawberry-chocolate ice cream. 
Oh, the joy of just coming home and feeling completely dependent again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Random buys from Singapore

So we went to Singapore last month and these are some of the items I bought while we were there.

From Left: Lash Applicator, Ultra Lash from Enamour Beauty and Charming-Cat Liquid Eyeliner

Cookies and Chocolate Brooches from Mini Princess, so cute. <3

 ♥ Here's a partial review of the Charming-cat liquid eyeliner. ♥

The label kind of makes me think it was spelled wrong but, whatever, 'cause for me this eyeliner is by far better than any other eyeliners I have used. I don't know much about make-up or which brands are the best. 
...But I'll get there. heh. :p

What's great about this liquid eyeliner is that it dries up easily. The eyeliners I've tried before tend to smudge after a few hours. This one doesn't smudge at all. Unless of course if you rub your eyes right after putting it on. Also, wiping it off is easy. It doesn't leave black marks on towels or make-up wipes like some liquid eyeliners do.

♥ Next stop: the Lash Applicator ♥

The first time I was able to get my hands on one, I was completely amazed when the sales lady demonstrated how to use it. I was like, "woah, coooool." and immediately bought it.

Here's my lame demonstration on how to use it:

The lashes I bought are awesome!

I so want to go back and buy more stuff in Singapore. 
(I actually want to live there, too. The place is so beautiful!) 
Maybe next year I'll visit SG again or wherever my feet will take me.