Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rilakkuma + New Bodyline Skirt ♥

Most of the time, Mark (boyfriend) and I spend the weekends strolling the mall. When we went to Watson's to buy some meds, I roamed around and I saw this small section full of Rilakkuma stuff.

I was really surprised 'cause it's just. not. normal. (≧∇≦);; 

They had vanity bags, shower caps, umbrellas and blankets.
I asked boyfie to buy me a Rilakkuma blanket. I was hoping for it to be, you 
know, a blanket that could cover my whole body when I sleep. (I didn't really
check the measurements lol);;


hahaha! Still cute, tho. XD;

Also, I was able to buy a bodyline skirt from my friend/twin, Sammy. 

I love this print so much! Bodyline stopped producing skirts/dresses using this
print. I'd love to wear this with my pink blouse and pink wig. ♥ ♥ ♥

And I bet the skirt would look awesome with these:

Must save up and buy a pair! >3<)/

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