Monday, January 17, 2011

New layout + Totoro Jump~!

New layout~! Lavender + Pink = ♥ ♥ ♥
The background and the header are 100% made by me. :D

Also, after a few hours, I'm finally done with my jumping Totoro GIF. hahaha. 
So cute. ♥

I just love Totoro so much. I wasn't able to watch My Neighbor Totoro when
I was a kid and I can say that my childhood is therefore incomplete. lol!

Making this GIF wasn't that difficult, I just had to make a whole lot of frames to make
Totoro smile, jump and blink. 

Screencap of how I did the animation:

When I first drew Totoro. It looked too...pixelated. Although I was working
on a pixel art/gif, I had to edit it 'cause Totoro looked like a robot. lol

before   |   after
So I edited each frame again (whew! lol) to make Totoro look better.

So there! XD (MAN, I suck as a blogger lol)

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