Monday, February 7, 2011

Gothic Lolita Wigs! ♥

Gothic Lolita Wigs have been producing really beautiful wigs and I'm not one
to miss out! I'm so lucky my friend, Cyril, let me purchase one in a group order
with her.

I'm gonna be getting the Pink and Blonde Split:

Totally gorgeous! ♥ I 'm not really ready to wear any
color other than pink so this is gonna be a safe and gradual change for me. I've
always considered Miwako fom the manga Paradise Kiss as my
inspiration for dressing up so I became really attached to wearing pink hair.

Here are the other wigs I find really adorable:

The following are sold out! Well they're really cute so
I guess that explains that.

Here's one wig I would definitely want to try:

It's so out of my comfort zone, but I don't mind trying it for a change. Really yummy
looking! ♥

Gothic Lolita Wigs are still cooking up some more colors! I'm sure they'll be
as awesome as all their wigs already are!

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