Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyril Lumboy's Talk and Mini Tea Party ♥

February 22, 2011 -- I went to St. Scholastica's College Manila to model for my friend
Cyril Lumboy. She designs and sews her own Lolita dresses. She's also a
student at UP Diliman and she's taking up Anthropology. I am this proud. XD

So here are some photos of the event:

Cy describing her Classic Lolita design.

Luisa in Cy's Shiro-Ero Lolita design.

Cy showing the Sweet Lolita dress she made and.. hey, that's me! XD

The organizers were awesome and super fun art students (lol)
and they served brownies, cupcakes and tea! They were so nice and
accommodating. I couldn't be thankful enough 'cause they made sure to make the event 
extra special for Cy and for us models.

Sammy and her cupcake, yum!

I really picked the cute colored cupcake to match what I'm wearing. XD

om nom nom nom~

Isn't she the cutest? This is Mayu ♥

I love Cy's new dress! She's wearing a hoop skirt underneath, thus, making
it look better than wearing layers of petticoat. (from my perspective. 'cause my
petticoats are lame lol)

Luisa. So cute. ♥
Me and Luisa ♥

two thumbs up! ♥

brb. spazzing. lol  Jin Joson in Cy's simple Walolita Design. :)


Everybody wanted to have a photo with Jin. Who wouldn't? ♥

Emerald! The surprise Lolita.  ♥
Emerald is one of the art students, one of the models didn't make it so
Cy announced that anyone can wear the Kuro-Lolita dress, Emerald was
chosen by the majority. ♥

When the event was close to ending, the organizers gave us models these cute
dessert towels.

Here's a low res photo of us from my phone 'cause my camera ran out of power. >_>;

Nechi and Me. ♥
Miaow and Me, she's soooo sweet. I loved her instantly that day. ♥

Here's Cy with the organizers after she's been presented a bouquet of  flowers
and a certificate of appreciation. ♥

The event turned out spectacular, everybody was so nice! I made lots of new friends.
We can't wait to see each other again and have another gathering. I miss them all
so much already! I love meeting new people and having new friends so this day was really
epic for me. :)

Photobomb! ♥ Jelay, we love yooou ♥

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