Saturday, February 12, 2011

Food Post! Mini Pizzas~ ♥

I was craving for pizza earlier, instead of buying pizza from Pizza Hut
or Yellow Cab or wherever is easier to get it and eat it at once, my Mom
bought ingredients for me to make home-made mini pizzas. :|

Well It's okay. I'm happy my Mom appreciates
whatever I can make. :)

I used bell pepper, onion, mozarella and spiced ham as toppings 
for the mini pizzas, yum!

 Hi, ugly black nail polish. x );

Can't. stare. stomach.. too. full.

I was able to make 14 mini pizzas. Now I feel reeeaaally bloated.

So to add to the normal-ness of this post, here's me in my
normal office day look:

I did not edit this photo. Oh, look at all those marks. X3

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