Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric Hunting~! ♥

Earlier, I went fabric hunting. I was only able to check two
stores 'cause the only place where there are whole lots of fabrics is 
too far and I only have so much time to make a skirt because tomorrow is office
day again. Do not waaant. ; . ;

Anyhooow, I only brought my cellphone with me so please forgive the low picture quality. |D

Here are two of the fabrics that, in my opinion, would look really nice
if made into lolita skirts or even lolita jumper skirts without using too much
ruffles because of their designs:

So Spring worthy. ♥

Here's a picture of what I bought:

I'm gonna make a skirt out of them. The bear fabric is
the base. Since I'm already waiting for blue tea party shoes
to come (yup, paid for it! 2-3 weeks before I can get 'em!) I have
to make the most of the shoes and make/buy as many blue stuff as I can. XD

I hope I can finish the skirt tonight! Now allow me to leave, run to my room, lock
the doors and sew sew sew~! ♥

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