Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheap & Easy Nail Art Decals! 彡☆★

Pink Leopard Water Decals! 

My officemate is selling nail art water decals, so I bought a pack and decided to show
how I applied mine.

Stuff needed are: Water, Clear Nail Polish, (in my case I used a Nail Hardener & Base coat for the meantime to hold the decals in place.), and of course the
nail art water decals and the small nail file that goes with it.

First, I cut a small part. I made sure it's about 1cm longer than my nail. 
I have really tiny nails. (・ω・;)

Then I dipped the decal in water for a few seconds....

....until the decal slid off from the paper.

Then I pressed the decal on my nail until it dried up, it takes less than a minute for it to. Once it did, I used the nail file to remove the excess decals from my nail. I removed the excess using a downward motion from the tip of my nail while securing the decal in place with my ring finger (that's my pinky on the picture). 
I used a nail cutter for the parts where the nail file can't reach.

Finished product! 彡☆

They look so cute with my bow ring. ♥

The Nail Art Water Decals are only PHP60.00 - PHP80.00
Really easy to do and cheap! It doesn't beat all those fancy nail arts
with rhinestones and stuff but this is the easiest way to make your nails look
less ordinary. 

Disclaimer: I am not an expert (・w・;) 
This is my first time putting on nail art water decals. 

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