Friday, December 3, 2010

Random buys from Singapore

So we went to Singapore last month and these are some of the items I bought while we were there.

From Left: Lash Applicator, Ultra Lash from Enamour Beauty and Charming-Cat Liquid Eyeliner

Cookies and Chocolate Brooches from Mini Princess, so cute. <3

 ♥ Here's a partial review of the Charming-cat liquid eyeliner. ♥

The label kind of makes me think it was spelled wrong but, whatever, 'cause for me this eyeliner is by far better than any other eyeliners I have used. I don't know much about make-up or which brands are the best. 
...But I'll get there. heh. :p

What's great about this liquid eyeliner is that it dries up easily. The eyeliners I've tried before tend to smudge after a few hours. This one doesn't smudge at all. Unless of course if you rub your eyes right after putting it on. Also, wiping it off is easy. It doesn't leave black marks on towels or make-up wipes like some liquid eyeliners do.

♥ Next stop: the Lash Applicator ♥

The first time I was able to get my hands on one, I was completely amazed when the sales lady demonstrated how to use it. I was like, "woah, coooool." and immediately bought it.

Here's my lame demonstration on how to use it:

The lashes I bought are awesome!

I so want to go back and buy more stuff in Singapore. 
(I actually want to live there, too. The place is so beautiful!) 
Maybe next year I'll visit SG again or wherever my feet will take me.

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