Monday, April 25, 2011

Dancing Teddy Bears JSK Progress

I am finally back after a long while! ♥

I was actually just being lazy the past few weeks and a 
lot has happened. I don't really like blogging about my personal life
but let's just say that last week was the most horrible week 
I had to go through. From unprofessional bosses to getting mugged to
a family secret that I wasn't really ready to find out about (and it
obviously broke my mom's heart. I hate it when my mom cries..).

So yeah, Most of the times I'm off from work, I just
want to treat them as, well, my day off -- from everything. I just want
to take my rests. Our workplace is the most stressful
environment I have to endure in my every graveyard shift.

But yesterday was different. I had to do something to
ease off the anger, sadness and every tiny bit of negative
energy in my system. And I know that sewing my own
dress will definitely do the trick. If my back could talk, it
would so lovingly throw a bunch of cuss words at me.

I decided to try to finish sewing a skirt or a dress out of my teddy
bear fabric. You can see my previous post about it here.

I was planning to just make a skirt out of the fabric. I ended up
making a JSK instead. And, wow I slacked off for almost 3 months! 
Now that's a long resting period lol!

Here's the JSK so far:

Sorry for the sucky photos, I took this earlier this morning right
after sewing and my hands were trembling lol, I was like, okay that's good enough. XD

It's far from done. It's missing a lot of elements, 
the sewing is still quite messy underneath.
I actually used raschel lace for the top part of the bodice. 
I do not like using raschel lace but it turned out nicely. What do you think? :)

I couldn't finish it 'cause I started at night up to 4 in the morning. My
back is, I think, developing rayuma (haha, kidding of course!) so I had to sleep. 
I wasn't able to finish it. I can't wait to, though. I swear I'm gonna get back on it
next weekend! ♥

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